On contract for the operation, maintenance and modification, and life cycle support of the
USAF RC-135 Operational Flight Trainers
at Offutt AFB until 2016 (with options).
RC-135 Operational Flight Trainers
  • ACC/TRSS Simulator Certification (SIMCERT) Level C/D equivalent devices
  • SYTRONICS personnel make trainers available for 8 to 12 hours of training per day for initial qualification as well as currency for the RC-135 air crews.
  • Support includes
    • three OFTs,
    • TSSC equipment,
    • Database Generation System (DBGS) equipment,
    • maintenance equipment,
    • drawing and maintenance data packages.
  • Provide initial, continuation, proficiency and recurring ground training for pilots, co-pilots, and navigators in normal flight and emergency operational procedures associated with the RC-135 V/W aircraft.